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Everything in life undoubtly leaves an impression on us. Be it good, bad, happy or sad the things we go through have a way of leaving their imprint or mark upon our soul. Our lives are daily being imprinted by relationships, family, friends and the world around us. When we take the time to slow down our pace a bit, in this hurried world, we gradually begin to see the beauty in the marks that we bear.

Our marks don’t define us but they are a reminder of where we have been. Our marks are an indicator of what we have overcome and a promise that we can live from love, through the grace and strength of the One who created us. The One who created you and me gave us the biggest example of how to love ¬†through our marks. It was this One man, Jesus, who endured every painful lash and vehement whip that impaled His tender skin so that we could see that every mark has a purpose…they give life.

I am so excited to be a part of  this new journey with you! I will do my best in sharing the story of my marks and the impact that they have made in my life with sincerity, truth and a dash of fun and laughter. I will also be sharing much about the Creator of this universe whom I call, Beloved. He will be woven, like a crimson thread, through all that I convey. My desire is, when you invest your time here, that you will find encouragement, renewed hope and abundant joy as you process through this crazy, fun adventure called life. I pray you will leave here with lasting and Honest Impressions.

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