Fear of Failure

Hey, I’m back! Yes, I know, it has been quite awhile since the last time I have meandered my way on here. I started a couple of posts but they were quickly put to the wayside, solely based on the fact that I didn’t feel I was able to convey my message well. Oddly enough, me not completing those posts, is lining up quote nicely for our little chat today.

Does anyone else get those menacing little thoughts in your mind that silently scream…”you’re not good enough,” “you’re never going to measure up,” “you’re not going to do this as good as (fill in the blank), so don’t even try.” Yeah, I didn’t think I was alone in this dastardly thought process. These thoughts have been reeling through my mind for years like an annoying song on repeat. Sometimes they were subtle and other times they raised their voices like a megaphone in my mind. I am not even sure when they started but they took up residency and have set up camp in my noggin for some time.

I lived with these words for so long they had become part of my daily regimen.  I unknowingly have based all of my decisions off of these lies. Sure I would do some things here and there that would seemingly contradict or refute the lies, but for the most part these lies gripped me to the core. To be quite honest, I believed these words as truth. I honestly thought that deep down I wasn’t enough or that I wasn’t capable of doing something because I saw someone else who does it WAAAAY better than me. Um, news flash…there will ALWAYS be someone who does something better than you!!

This isn’t about me having self-esteem issues or knowing my identity. I know who I am and Who’s I am and the beautiful grace that provides. What I didn’t know, and recently discovered, is I had been dealing with this life choking thing we know as, “fear of failure.”

It was like the lights were turned on and all the cockroaches went running to find the darkness. Oh, but I was on to these little buggers now! These lies don’t own me anymore! I have found the truth that I am enough and that I can do EVERYTHING that I am called to do! I don’t have to be perfect in my endeavors. Will I fail sometimes, yep, I sure will. But it is our willingness to take a risk and face our fears that we find, stepping out becomes our greatest success.

Last but definitely not least, if you are going to take the plunge to face fear of failure in the head on, you might want to think about surrounding yourself with friends that believe in you and will champion you. Knowing that you have people on your team will make the risk more bearable, even if you stumble and fall.

I don’t have all of this figured out, but I know that my brain has been washed with fabulous truths! I have new, fresh clean thoughts swimming around in my mind that are allowing me to step off the shore into the waters of adventure.

-So, take a risk today!

-Take a step into the thing that seems bigger than you (yes even if you’re scared out of your mind!).

-You never know you can do something, until you do something…..so do something!

I believe in you!

Have a jolly good day!!

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