Ok, is it just me or do the days seem to be moving at warp speed? We are already in the third month of the year!!! I feel as though it was just yesterday that I shared about my new work adventure. Hard to believe it has been a little over six months since I started my new job. Time waits for no one, but it sure does fly when you’re having fun!

I have been stretched in so many ways over the last six months. I have had to step out of my comfort zone so much I am not sure I even know where the zone starts and stops anymore! I can honestly say that when I do decide to put on my big girl pants (which is almost daily) and bravely meet each challenge with a bold God confidence, I grow more into the awareness of who God made me to be. Don’t think for a second that I’ve got this whole bravery thing figured out, because I don’t. However, I do know that each time I show up and make myself available God seems to do some pretty amazing things.

What I wasn’t expecting with this new hurried pace was that I had to be even more intentional about my time and scheduling. Before this new job I used to have an idea of what I wanted to do in a week and would jot down reminders in my calendar, easy peasy. This job is a whole new ball game and I was making rookie mistakes left and right! I quickly learned you have to plan events sometimes 10-12 months in advance!! Who does that?!?! It’s just not normal! I am so much more of a smaller scale planner and love to leave room for spontaneity.

I have been able to still be spontaneous with my personal schedule so thankfully that has kept things balanced. Although I have also learned that I have to plan ahead for my personal time soooo much more than I used to. As an ambivert the introverted half of me was screaming loudly in protest! This new planning system meant that I would have to commit to dates and times, with people, in advance, and stick with the plan! Lord, have mercy!! I can thankfully say I am doing ok with this new plan and surviving.

I’ve also recognized that, due to the sometimes hurried fast pace of the week and still getting familiarized with the job details and duties, I was beginning to lose my wonder. The fast pace crept in so quickly I was missing out on the beautiful and treasured slow moments I have been accustom to. The moments where I slow down to look up and see the sky showing off it’s radiant beauty. To slow down and be mesmerized by the way the starry milk-white frost has crystallized itself over the windows of my car overnight. To slowly walk into work just so I can get a few more glimpses of the sun kissed snow sparkling with a glittery glow.

These moments provide so much joy and delight! They bring opportunity for us to look for simple beauty in the day to day. I don’t always know what I will find when I slow down from a hurried pace, but I know I’d never see the rewards of simple beauty in the unexpected if I ignore the clarion call to slow my pace, look up, and become presently aware of my surroundings.

Have you slowed down enough recently to see the beauty in the seemingly ordinary, every day life? I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Go ahead and be in the moment! I dare you to be fully present! You’ll be amazed what you can experience or discover in the unexpected.

• expect the unexpected

• be present

• slow your pace

• see the the beauty in the ordinary

Til we meet again….seek and find!

Have a splendid day!

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