Two Equals One

Within the United States we set aside this day to remember a courageous man that lead the Civil Rights Movement, in the 1950s, in heroic proportions. He was a man that chose to face hardships and deep ridicule to help create a place where all human race could exist equally free.

Martin Luther King Day is day that always a thought provoking day for me. What is seen is the fact that my skin is a beautiful shade of mocha (thanks mom and dad) and yet I seemingly carry two worlds within this one universe.

These two worlds at times externally may appear different and yet internally to me, they are the same. Joined by love that lives by the very blood that courses through my veins. The two worlds woven together with a welcomed and inseparable bond.

I am not black.

I am not white.

I am not two parts but a whole.

I am not merely the shade of pigment expressed for all to see.

The internal far outweighs the external burden one often carries. In greater clarity…character and an external position of the inward man should be our first and initial gut reaction when looking upon ourselves which will inevitably reflect upon others.

I am a daughter.

I am a woman.

I am loved.

I am me.

Today as you venture into shared space with other humans, ask yourself, “What do I first see?”

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Have a joy filled day!

2 thoughts on “Two Equals One

  1. A wonderful and inspiring post. I have never looked at the color of a person’s skin – I look inside to see the true person within. My mother instilled that in all four of her children. I am white. A mixture of Irish and German. There is only one race on this earth – the Human Race. This world needs to straighten up and begin to love everyone. Thank you for sharing this.

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