Emotions Are wEiRd!

Table Convos – RND 2

Do you have patterns of thoughts/emotions in your heart/mind that seem to be repeat offenders? Ya know what I mean, those pesky little thoughts invade your mind like a hungry mosquito on a warm summer night, and the swelling bump of emotion comes out that you just have to “itch” and in most cases once you start itching it just makes matters worse.

When these patterns pop up I know it usually means that I need to start asking the question “why” they are still existing and find the real reason this emotion is still happening. Because let’s be honest most emotions (especially the wants we don’t want) tend to lead us into thought processes that frankly get us into trouble and can get us into a negative thought pattern about who we are almost in an instant! 

Emotions are weird. 

Having emotions doesn’t mean you are an overly emotionally charged being. Experiencing an emotion(s) doesn’t make you weak. 

Emotions are a great litmus test that shows us the “ph balance” that is going on internally in the invisible soul realm.  We usually tend to view emotions as either negative or positive and that isn’t an accurate way to quantify them. Emotions are necessary for life. It is our response, or lack of response, to emotions that can either wreak havoc or bring light to relationships, the general public, workplace, and even our health. 

It is imperative that we tap into all of our emotions and ask the questions that can help us find out what is the motivation for us to feel that particular emotion in a moment, situation, or even a season. 

Emotions get a bad wrap. I mean, what did emotions REALLY ever do to you? Emotions, when we recognize their source, can practically save our lives. Emotions allow us to process grief, empathize with others’ hurt and pain, express love, and produce tears of joy or sadness. Even those that say, “I don’t express/show my emotions,” are actually experiencing an emotion to FEEL emotion[less], so y’all aren’t off the hook here. We all have emotions, yes, ALL. Without emotions, we would be robotic and mechanical. 

So today when you feel that emotion rising (and you may have acted out of what you are feeling): anger, sadness, grief, the pain of loneliness, sorrow, frustration, joy, happiness, excitement, hope, jealousy, anxiety, peaceful or calm take a second to be in the moment with what you are feeling. Ask yourself why am I feeling this way. Is it something that triggered me? Is it my environment/surrounding? Is it who I am with? Do I need to create a boundary? Do I need to make a change? Ask the hard questions. 

Trust me, when you have to sit with the not so fun emotions and examine the way that you responded or have to scrape at the gnawing pain that seems to seep through at the most inconvenient time AND when you thought you had already “gotten over that emotion,” is not fun at all, but worth it. But in the same respect when you sit with emotions that are positive and life-giving and explore in those moments all the reasons why you are experiencing them are absolutely wonderful and beautifully revealing. 

So let the emotion(s) have their proper place. Invite them to your table.  Sit down for a while and don’t be in a hurry. Don’t pull away from the table too soon. It will be worth your time and investment. 


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