Communication Junky

I would venture to say that the majority of western civilization uses one of the following to talk to another human; email, Instagram, FB Messenger, Snapchat or texting. We have these lovely little apparatuses, aka smart phones, that can instantaneously connect us to one another in a moment. We can literally be anywhere (yes, I know you text in the bathroom too, no shame or judgement here) and can shoot a text or email. In most cases we can get an instant response, or at least we would like to get an appropriately timed response. Once that “ping” comes through we get a tiny rush of satisfaction that we have been “seen” and responded to. We have made a connection….or have we?

These days it is so easy to feel like we’re connected through social media or through simple means like texting. We meet someone for a moment and it is only a matter of time that we are asking for their FB, IG or Snapchat info…and if you’re wanting to go that extra mile you’ll exchange cell numbers. All of these forms of communication aren’t bad per say, but unfortunately these forms of communication can, more often than not, lead to false perceptions of connection and real relationship.

Trust me, I am guilty of spending copious amount of hours on social media. I even justify this by saying to myself, “I just want to stay connected to people.” The question is though, “Am I any more connected with that person, or personality I’ve never met, than I was before spending the evening checking up on all of the people I ‘know’?” The answer to that is a big fat, “NO.”

What I have found is that the more I scan over the cropped, filtered and edited version of people’s lives the more it can leave one empty, disillusioned and feel like you are lacking. Social media can be a good in its rightful place, but it also has this sly way of creating a space where we can begin to think we aren’t good enough, thin enough, muscular enough, handsome enough, pretty enough, significant enough, healthy enough or _____ enough (you fill in the blank). It makes one question who they are based on other’s social status (married, single, dating, engaged, new mom, or new dad…just to name a few). We begin to conjure up thoughts that usually start with, “if I only had____,” I wish was more like____,” or “I’m glad I’m not like____.” There are many more thought processes I am sure but you get the picture.

Anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE proponent of communication, especially FACE-to-FACE. I am not sure if there is a thing of over communicating but if there is I might be a candidate! I have learned over and over again the value of communicating well. Keep in mind talking and communication are two different things. I know you’ve been in those situations where there was a whole lot of talking but nothing was being said, yeah it’s grueling. And let’s not get me started on gossip! I HATE gossip! Gossip is the anthesis of communication. Gossip kills and destroys and always comes to a vile end. No one wins with gossip, no one.

Communication as a whole has a desired end. You’re either wanting to get to know someone better or you’re maybe wanting to resolve an issue of the heart with family, friends or your spouse. Communication takes intentionality, time, understanding, a good listening ear and being a good question asker.

Communication can be really hard at times. So much so that we try and avoid it like the plague because it just seems too daunting to open yourself up to discuss something and you do not know what the outcome will be (trust me, I know this all too well). Communication can seem risky, but if you have enough value for yourself and the other person, no matter the outcome, the risk is always worth it.

Communication is a gift to give and receive. It’s all in HOW you communicate. When I am communicating I try to keep in mind the following:

•be humble

•be understanding

•be teachable

•be gracious

•be unassuming (ask LOTS of questions to be sure you are hearing correctly)

•be generous with your time

•be concise and clear

•be vulnerable

•be open…open to hear you might have been wrong

•be ready…ready to have a different outcome than you had thought

•be willing (to respond, forgive)

•be patient

•be approachable

•be honoring

•be love (love covers)

These are just a few things to think about when you want to communicate well. I know there is more ideas and there are also a plethora of practical help on the “how-tos” of communicating well (that may be another post). For today I wanted to try and awaken a place in you that is imperative if we want to live life to the full. If we want to do anything well in life it will require you to communicate. If done well, even if you know the conversation might be sucky or awkward, you still will have the assurance that you did it the right way or the best you knew how to do.

•So today, I encourage you to communicate.

• Communicate well + communicate often.

•There is never a bad time to communicate, just a bad time if you don’t.

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

That Stinks!

I don’t know why, but I was graced with a super sense of smell. My keen sense of smell can pick up every scent, fragrance or aroma, even if it is faint or in the far distance. Add to that crazy sense of smell an extreme sensitivity to strong smells. Lord have mercy when I come in contact with a pungent perfume, lotion or cologne, my stomach goes into an instant state of nauseousness. This creates a real problem when I am in an enclosed area with no place to go! I know I can’t be the only one that deals with this hyper smell dilemma!

I wasn’t feeling so well today so I needed to stay home, let nature run its course and get some extra rest to recover. I had been home all day and left only to go to an already planned chiropractic appointment (that I almost forgot about) in the early evening. On my drive home I picked up some electrolyte water and animal crackers (I read it was National Animal Cracker Day, so of course I had to do my part to honor this day..and it sounded yummy after a day of not feeling well). I drove around a bit just so I could enjoy seeing the outside world a little longer and take in the warm and rainy spring day.

I arrive back home carrying my bag of treats in one hand and my keys in the other. I unlocked my apartment door, and it hit me, my nose was on high alert!!! I winced back and scrunched up my nose in disgust because what I was smelling was the strongest stanky smell (you did not need a super sniffer to smell this jazz!!)! It pretty much smelled like something died twice and it was trying to resurrect itself! I immediately dropped my bag of goodies and went right to the nasty culprit, the trash can under the sink. I began pulling the plastic bag out of the bin as quick as I could. I reached down to tie the bag off and a thought dropped into my mind…”how was I sitting in this apartment all day with this smell without even noticing it?!”

As I finished tying off the bag and started to walk outside another thought occurred to me, “What “stinky trash” might be in our lives that we can’t detect because we are sitting comfy-cozy in life?!” It then dawned on me that it wasn’t until I left, came back and tried to open the door again that the smell was even remotely noticeable. I clearly had to get out of my current situation to notice the stink. It is amazing to me how very comfortable I was to sit in the stinky-ness, totally unaware of how bad it actually was.

How often do we sit in our own stink (and I don’t mean body odor) and we aren’t able to recognize that something smells off and we need to deal with some “trash” in our lives? Life’s “trash” can be equated with so many things; pride, selfishness, jealousy, gossip, a secret sin issue, a co-dependent relationship, a toxic friendship, _________(you fill in the blank). This clearly isn’t an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination but it gives a starting point for self examination. (*Also please know that I do not think people are trash. The verbiage “trash” is used strictly for metaphorical purposes.*)

As I took the trash out tonight I did some of my own self evaluation. I noticed that some stink was being brought to light in my own life, so I took an extra moment to symbolically throw out some of my own “trash” while I tossed out my plastic bag of trash. It was such a simple and visible act, but so powerful. It is interesting to me that once we are aware of the “stink” how quickly we want to dispose of it!

God is so rich in mercy. He is willing to allow us to smell the stink in our lives, locate the source of the stink and then at the same time provide us with the grace to remove the trash. He is forever a kind, loving and compassionate God.

•What are things in your life that you need to maybe step away from to gain a different perspective?

•Are you still opening the same door and sittin’ comfy in some old stink?

•Are you holding on to remnants, an empty shell of something that once was but needs to be released?

Be brave. Be bold. Be courageous….and take out the trash! 😉

Have a splendid day!

dreams + desires

If you have breath in your lungs you have, or have had at one point, a dream or desire. Maybe your dream is to one day own a business, have a baby, adopt a child, travel the world, get married, learn a new skill or to shed those pesky lbs.  Whatever it may be, we all have our box of desires tucked away in the recesses of our minds with the hope that one day they will surface and come to fruition.

Yes, like you, I have dreams and desires. Some have come to pass and there are some that I am still waiting for them to unfold. Sometimes I am patient in this process and sometimes I get incredibly frustrated, sad and moody (sorry to all my close friends, y’all are champs!) wondering WHY I have to learn THIS much patience!

I have tried the path of least resistance and basically told God, “Thanks for nothin’, I’ll take it from here. I’m gonna take matters into my own hands.” Ok, spoiler alert…that has never ended well, ever. I have gotten myself into more hot messes and situations that have left me empty and/or begging forgiveness due to my careless concocted plans. Even as I am writing this I am sitting here shaking my head and letting out a few giggles at the things I have done. Hindsight is always 20/20.

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those powerful, deep and intense moments that I believe was a milestone marker for my journey. I wasn’t looking for this moment, it almost seemed like this moment found me. We had just finished a worship set at our church and I found myself longing to get away (ok, truth be told I wanted to run fast and hard and hide away from the world). I didn’t quite understand this heavy feeling I was feeling but it was rushing over me so quick and hard I felt like Niagra Falls was pounding down into my soul. I was able to thankfully sneak away into my office (convenience of working at the same place the conference was) and there I fell to my knees and the dam burst with a flood of tears to follow. It’s the kind of cry that is so intense no sound could be heard but a deep inaudible cry with yet no understanding. In those moments I know it’s ok to ask questions, God knows me and is ok that I love to ask questions. So I asked, “What the heck is going on, can you fill me in?” Within five seconds I heard (not audibly but in my spirit), “Surrender. Give me your dreams and lay down your desires.”

My initially reaction was to question if I heard Him right but, due to the influx of more tears I figured He hit the nail on the head. I did still ask, “Whyyyyyyy?!?!” Being the loving and gracious God He is He said, “You can’t hold fully on to Me while holding so tightly to your dreams and desires.” In that moment I knew. I knew I had to open my tightly fisted hand. As I physically opened my hands, I told the Lord in two simple words, “I surrender.” I immediately felt drenched with so much peace and love that saturated my soul.

What happened next surprised me a bit. His response to me opening my hand was this…”I am not asking you to give up your dreams or desires I am asking you to keep them always with an open hand.” (Cue the tears!!!) It was like the light switch got turned on! I was understanding (finally) what He meant. To keep my hands (dreams and desires) open while holding on to God. To keep my heart steadfast in love with the Creator of this universe. To continue to delight in Him and He will give the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4 paraphrase). To know that He truly does have my best interest at heart. He truly wants the best for me and for the advancing of His kingdom here on the earth.

I know all of this “hands open” talk can seem easier said than done. Even in the last two weeks I have had to consistently remind myself, “Keep those hands open, girl!” I will say this, the reward of obedience is worth it, every time! Do I know the end results to anything left open in my hands, nope, but I know the One who does and from experience, He is pretty trustworthy.

• What are you holding on to so tightly?

•What do you need to surrender and hold with an open hand?

I know it can seem scary and can even be painful to release. To be honest, there is no guarantee you’ll get back what you surrendered. I do know this, the blessing of sweet surrender and having a greater relationship with Father God is far greater than holding on to something that wasn’t ever ours to begin with.

•I hope you too can know the joys of sweet surrender.

Till we meet again…have a splendid day!


Ok, is it just me or do the days seem to be moving at warp speed? We are already in the third month of the year!!! I feel as though it was just yesterday that I shared about my new work adventure. Hard to believe it has been a little over six months since I started my new job. Time waits for no one, but it sure does fly when you’re having fun!

I have been stretched in so many ways over the last six months. I have had to step out of my comfort zone so much I am not sure I even know where the zone starts and stops anymore! I can honestly say that when I do decide to put on my big girl pants (which is almost daily) and bravely meet each challenge with a bold God confidence, I grow more into the awareness of who God made me to be. Don’t think for a second that I’ve got this whole bravery thing figured out, because I don’t. However, I do know that each time I show up and make myself available God seems to do some pretty amazing things.

What I wasn’t expecting with this new hurried pace was that I had to be even more intentional about my time and scheduling. Before this new job I used to have an idea of what I wanted to do in a week and would jot down reminders in my calendar, easy peasy. This job is a whole new ball game and I was making rookie mistakes left and right! I quickly learned you have to plan events sometimes 10-12 months in advance!! Who does that?!?! It’s just not normal! I am so much more of a smaller scale planner and love to leave room for spontaneity.

I have been able to still be spontaneous with my personal schedule so thankfully that has kept things balanced. Although I have also learned that I have to plan ahead for my personal time soooo much more than I used to. As an ambivert the introverted half of me was screaming loudly in protest! This new planning system meant that I would have to commit to dates and times, with people, in advance, and stick with the plan! Lord, have mercy!! I can thankfully say I am doing ok with this new plan and surviving.

I’ve also recognized that, due to the sometimes hurried fast pace of the week and still getting familiarized with the job details and duties, I was beginning to lose my wonder. The fast pace crept in so quickly I was missing out on the beautiful and treasured slow moments I have been accustom to. The moments where I slow down to look up and see the sky showing off it’s radiant beauty. To slow down and be mesmerized by the way the starry milk-white frost has crystallized itself over the windows of my car overnight. To slowly walk into work just so I can get a few more glimpses of the sun kissed snow sparkling with a glittery glow.

These moments provide so much joy and delight! They bring opportunity for us to look for simple beauty in the day to day. I don’t always know what I will find when I slow down from a hurried pace, but I know I’d never see the rewards of simple beauty in the unexpected if I ignore the clarion call to slow my pace, look up, and become presently aware of my surroundings.

Have you slowed down enough recently to see the beauty in the seemingly ordinary, every day life? I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Go ahead and be in the moment! I dare you to be fully present! You’ll be amazed what you can experience or discover in the unexpected.

• expect the unexpected

• be present

• slow your pace

• see the the beauty in the ordinary

Til we meet again….seek and find!

Have a splendid day!

Year of Yes

At the beginning of every year I like to take time to hear what is on God’s heart for the upcoming year. This year I didn’t hear a whole lot of specifics but one phrase that kept flashing in my mind like a bright neon light was, “Year of YES.”

With this new mantra drumming in mind I started saying, “yes” to almost everything that came my way. Well, I quickly learned that saying “yes” actually meant that I also had to learn how to say, “no.” By me saying, “no,” I realized I was able to give more of an effective yes. This was definitely a game changer because now when I said, “yes,” I knew that I was all in. I was more intentional in my thought processes of what was best for me and if I really wanted to do whatever was being proposed. No offense to anyone that knows me personally, but there were times I said, “no,” simply because I just wasn’t feeling it. But I will say the reward of saying, “no” usually far outweighed, or even canceled out, any guilt that would rise up for not saying “yes” to the activity or thing being offered.

Having this year be a “year of yes” has been more than I could have ever imagined.  I know that it has pushed me to do things I would have naturally just said no to due to fear of failure (see last post). Having overcome severe anxiety and panic, I realized that there are so many things I have had to relearn. I had been robbed of all the previous joys of life and this was the year that I was beginning to gain momentum to get back all that had been stolen from me and MORE! A simple walk in the park has now become a relearned joy. A fun road trip, that a friend and I made to our friend’s lake house, is another relearned enjoyment. You see, this was the first time being the driver for a road trip in YEARS!!! Y’all this was monumental!! I also was on a boat for about 5 hours with no issues at all! I even drove a jet ski for the first time! I would have never been able to do all of this even  a year ago, BUT GOD!

This summer has been filled with oodles of fun and exploring. I am still working on relearning some things, but God has given me the grace to continue to move forward in bold confidence.

Which brings us to August 8, 2018. Actually, we need to travel back a few weeks so I can set this up a bit better. I was talking with our worship pastor, who I already knew was planning on leaving from our church, and he pops the question to me, “Hey, would you ever consider or have you thought about being the worship pastor here?” Now, when he said this I can assure you that a thousand thoughts flooded my mind all at once! I had thought of doing something like this YEARS ago, but any desires or dreams I had were stuffed so far down I wasn’t even sure I knew what my true dreams and desires were anymore. So I was rather shocked when I didn’t automatically give a resounding, “NO,” as my knee jerk reaction. Instead I felt this tinge of life prodding me like a fire stick stokes a gentle fire. I looked at him pensively and told him I definitely needed time to process and pray about all we had discussed and if this is a direction I wanted to go.

I had no idea what an extensive process this would be! I had every emotion you could possibly think of the whole week after we talked. I had questions galore about all that this would mean and what it would entail. I also had people, that had no idea about the decision process I was walking through, unknowingly speak prophetically into the situation. Confirmations on what I should do kept coming in the most unlikely places.

I could feel my heart leaning more and more toward saying, “yes,” but was beginning to grasp the fact that if I did say, “yes,” that would mean I would be giving up the comforts of a job that I have had for 14 years. This is a job that I know very well, enjoyed and was very good at. I would have to leave friends that I have worked with for many years, which was probably going to be one of the toughest parts because they had become like family.

After a couple of interviews, the more I pondered, prayed, weighed out all my options and had several meetings with my mentor, I made the decision to move forward into this new adventure. This has been one of the biggest life decisions I have made since I changed churches in my early twenties! AHHHHH!!!! I was scared, excited, nervous and let’s just be honest….freaking out a bit!! What in the heck did I just say, “yes” to?!?!? The task ahead of me is so much bigger than me and it put a holy fear of God inside me.

The fact that God would choose to use me in this capacity is extremely humbling. I had to take ALL of my weaknesses and places I feel inadequate to accomplish this task and lay them at Papa God’s feet. I can guarantee that there are PLENTY of others that are more talented and skilled than I am that could have done this job. But there was this underlying surety, and God confidence, that came from somewhere deep within me that I knew, my obedience to God would provide the grace to consistently lean on My Beloved while He equipped me and makes ALL things possible. I was also hanging on to something my spiritual dad told me (that his spiritual dad told him), “I may not be the smartest, I may not be the most talented, but if God has called me to do this, then I am the best one for the job.”

So here I am, willing to jump on the bus for this wild and crazy adventure as the new Worship Pastor at our church!! (Still feels so surreal!!) As I said my bittersweet “see you laters” to my friends and co-workers I was given this awesome pillow (see below) that was yet another confirmation I was on the right path.

God has a creative way of helping us get out of our little secure nest we affectionately call our comfort zone. I have always hailed myself as the “Comfort Zone Queen,” but I am quickly learning that isn’t my Kingdom (God) identity! I was born for wild adventures and to embrace change! I was born to do hard things that establish and reinforce my Kingdom identity and advance the Kingdom of God! I was born for ….such a time as this!

I am so thankful I gave God my, “YES!!!”

• Give God your, “YES,” and watch Him do more than you could ask or imagine, not only in you but in others!!

Have a splendid day!

Fear of Failure

Hey, I’m back! Yes, I know, it has been quite awhile since the last time I have meandered my way on here. I started a couple of posts but they were quickly put to the wayside, solely based on the fact that I didn’t feel I was able to convey my message well. Oddly enough, me not completing those posts, is lining up quote nicely for our little chat today.

Does anyone else get those menacing little thoughts in your mind that silently scream…”you’re not good enough,” “you’re never going to measure up,” “you’re not going to do this as good as (fill in the blank), so don’t even try.” Yeah, I didn’t think I was alone in this dastardly thought process. These thoughts have been reeling through my mind for years like an annoying song on repeat. Sometimes they were subtle and other times they raised their voices like a megaphone in my mind. I am not even sure when they started but they took up residency and have set up camp in my noggin for some time.

I lived with these words for so long they had become part of my daily regimen.  I unknowingly have based all of my decisions off of these lies. Sure I would do some things here and there that would seemingly contradict or refute the lies, but for the most part these lies gripped me to the core. To be quite honest, I believed these words as truth. I honestly thought that deep down I wasn’t enough or that I wasn’t capable of doing something because I saw someone else who does it WAAAAY better than me. Um, news flash…there will ALWAYS be someone who does something better than you!!

This isn’t about me having self-esteem issues or knowing my identity. I know who I am and Who’s I am and the beautiful grace that provides. What I didn’t know, and recently discovered, is I had been dealing with this life choking thing we know as, “fear of failure.”

It was like the lights were turned on and all the cockroaches went running to find the darkness. Oh, but I was on to these little buggers now! These lies don’t own me anymore! I have found the truth that I am enough and that I can do EVERYTHING that I am called to do! I don’t have to be perfect in my endeavors. Will I fail sometimes, yep, I sure will. But it is our willingness to take a risk and face our fears that we find, stepping out becomes our greatest success.

Last but definitely not least, if you are going to take the plunge to face fear of failure in the head on, you might want to think about surrounding yourself with friends that believe in you and will champion you. Knowing that you have people on your team will make the risk more bearable, even if you stumble and fall.

I don’t have all of this figured out, but I know that my brain has been washed with fabulous truths! I have new, fresh clean thoughts swimming around in my mind that are allowing me to step off the shore into the waters of adventure.

-So, take a risk today!

-Take a step into the thing that seems bigger than you (yes even if you’re scared out of your mind!).

-You never know you can do something, until you do something… do something!

I believe in you!

Have a jolly good day!!

The “s” Word

Yep, I’m doing it. I am daring to plunge into the depths of one single soul. I am taking a risk to pull back the curtain of a very taboo topic for most. Yes, my friends, I am diving in to the “s” word!

The mystery word for today is, “single!” This word is widely used with various meanings. In today’s world we use it to order a specific size of our favorite scoop of ice cream, to depict a recording of one song to sell or to describe a baseball player only getting a first base hit. But we also use the word, “single,” to describe, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, as someone who is without a significant other. Ya know, that friend who isn’t married or dating and you refer to them as your, “single friend.” Yep, that’s the “single” I am talking about here.

There are a plethora of books, blogs and articles talking about being single. There are family and friends that ask a bajillion questions regarding your all mysterious and yet lacking love life. I think one of my favorites is, “are you seeing anyone?!” I mean, what does that even mean?! Uh, yes, yes I am, I see people everyday and all day thank you very much! Ok, fine, I know that isn’t what they are implying but here’s a news flash for ya, if we are seeing someone, trust me, you’ll be one of the first to know!

I’ve been single since the day I was born. I didn’t go on one date at all in my teenage years. I didn’t get asked to any dances, never attended a homecoming or prom. I honestly don’t ever recall a guy ever actually showing any interest in me at all until many years after I graduated, and even then my friends had to tell me he was interested because I was completely oblivious (he was bad news, but that’s a story for another day)! I mean why would I even entertain the thought that someone would like me at all when it was usually one of my girl friends the guy was seeking after and wanting to pursue. Yep, I was that oh so lucky girl that got to hear her guy friends go on and on and ooooooon about my girl friends. Of course I would be encouraging and listen but inside my noggin I was thinking, “here we go again with my guy friends always interested in someone else other than me.”

After years of this, one would think that I would just became jaded and cynical and hardened in my heart to the fact that being in a relationship will EVER happen at all, but that is far from the truth. Sure, I have had my moments of jealousy and nights of ugly crying asking God relentlessly, “Why not me?! Do you see me down here doing the slow crawl in the single lane?!” Of course after I’ve dried my tears and come to my senses I usually get the same reassuring answer, “I see you, I ardently love you (yes, God talks to me like Mr. Darcy, don’t hate) and My timing is perfect.”

When I first started hearing those words years ago I can honestly say I was the least bit comforted. Let’s be real, those words can’t cuddle me!! But the more I not only heard the words, but listened to the heart of the One who was speaking them, the more I became willing to put my trust in this One who has so gently whispered into my tender heart.

Through trusting Him I have learned sooooo much in this single process. I have watched over and over how God has protected me from things I couldn’t see. Usually that protection came from my dear close friends or my amazing fam. So thankful for the community of people that I get to call family and do life with. Word to the wise: if you are going out on dates with someone or showing interest in someone and those who know you, or know them, mention to you that this person is not good for you or they have some issues that are throwing red flags and ask for you to stay clear and not be in a relationship with them, PLEASE listen. Listen even if you’re mad at them for saying something! They are most likely seeing things you can’t while so close to the situation. I say this from experience and from learning the hard way. So thankful for my gracious friends and family that still love me after all the stupid stuff I have done after them flying high their red flags of caution. I implore you, don’t throw caution to the wind.

Another thing I have learned (this one is a special bonus for the ladies) is to guard your heart. My spiritually daddy told me this years ago and I didn’t understand fully what it meant until a couple of years ago (I guess I was a slow learner). Guarding your heart is simply knowing who you are, knowing your worth and knowing your value. When you know that you are a precious gem, a princess, worthy to be loved and to be fully pursued that is a catalyst for you guarding your beautiful heart. When you become solidly aware of who you are, you will be less likely to look for another to fill a void in you, but you’ll be more apt to look for the one to enhance the greatness of who you already are.

My last lil tid bit is this (for both my ladies and gents): don’t search for Mr or Mrs Right….BECOME Mr or Mrs Right. Man oh man have I gone through the crucible of becoming!!!! I couldn’t even imagine letting someone into my mess a few years ago! I guess God really does know what He is doing, shocker! Do all you can now to become the person of character, integrity, honor, trustworthiness, graciousness and forgiving that you would want to find in another. Allow the process to happen to become these things that you are seeking out in your man or woman, you won’t regret it.

Whether you are single and waiting (got my hand raised and not ashamed!) or you feel you’re called to be single for your whole life, know this, you are not less than or insignificant. You have a place and purpose right here and now. Don’t wait “until then,” to do what you can do now. I think of all the things I have done, countries I’ve traveled to, places I’ve visited and I don’t regret for one bit the freedom that I’ve been blessed with to do all of those things and more. I am enjoying living in the moment and being present.

So today, right where you’re at, love others well and live bold. Walk with courage and dare to be vulnerable. Love and be loved. Become fully single.

•Live authentically

Have a splendid day!!

Thought you may want to see the almost foot of snow we got here yesterday!